Donation to students at an Ashram (U.K.) Feb 2016

We visited an Ashram at Uttarkashi and donated clothes, books and stationery as a support for the education of children.

Earth Day Celebrations, April 2016 at India Gate

Kathak Dharohar team planted trees for the Earth Day Celebration at India Gate Delhi and shared the ideas for the conservation and improvement of environment.

Mothers Day Celebrations at St. Mary's Old Age Home, Tis Hazari, Delhi on May 2016

We the Kathak Dharohar team visited the St. Mary's Old Age Home. About 15 ladies were there in this home. We could feel the pangs of separation from their own children in these ladies. We shared our love and caring time with them and distributed lunch, fruits, chocolates and sweets.

World Water Day, March 2016, Banks of Yamuna Delhi

We visited banks of river Yamuna, did some clean-up work and demonstrated to people as to how to clean and protect our river to keep it clean and pure.