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children to draw their attention to voice modulation. Subsequently, by making the hand-prints a collective painting on the theme – 'We are one' was made by these children. The team parted after sharing refreshments with them and leaving them hopeful, and encouraging them to further their potentials. The Kathak Dharohar group also promised them to teach Kathak dance and art every Friday from the coming New Year, 2017

Kathak Dharohar Celebrating Human rights day, December 2016

Our team visited the transgender compound today at Laxmi Nagar Delhi with an objective to give them the same kind of rights & self respect as each one of us. During the conversation we felt their pangs of suffering from their family also. We Appeal to the government, society & our education system for their support & upliftment to lead a normal life. Education is the basic colourwhich leads them to be financially & socially independent. We are thankful to them for Sharing their feelings with us.

"All human beings are born free & equal in dignity & rights"