Susunia Dance Workshop, December 2015

A workshop was organised by the Kathak Dharohar, Shri Sadanand Biswas and the fellow colleagues from Kathak Dharohar in Susunia, West Bengal in December, 2015. Susunia is a small foothills and forest area inhabited mostly by illiterate and poor. The workshop was organized in the forest area. It was awesome in the natural climate. We had a big challenge to teach the basics of Indian classical dance - Kathak to the underprivileged students. But Mother Nature and God always give to humans a special sense to learn. We were successful to train them all despite the various challenges. We gave them momentoes and Appreciation Certificate There were tears of happiness in the eyes every student.

Infinite Journey Performance at Srijoni Auditorium Durgapur, January 2016

The enthusiasm and commitment of the children and the trainers led by the General Secretary of Kathak Dharohar, Shri Sadanand Biswas and the fellow colleagues could successfully meet with all the challenges and have brought about unimaginable results and changes in the participant children. The results of the training imparted and the outcomes of the same was demonstrated by these children on January 11, 2016 in their performance at Srijani Auditorium at Durgapur.